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Finance Monthly Global Awards 2013

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year 2013

As everybody knows, the relative health of any market economy is dependent on one thing and one thing alone - confidence. Few would argue that investor and consumer confidence is beginning to return to the global markets and although a difficult road lies ahead, there is a tangible sense that we have turned a corner, and the future is brighter than it once was. Editing Finance Monthly over the past twelve months has shown that resilience, adaptability and now confidence are in much greater supply. The Finance Monthly Global Awards 2013 reflect this new found confidence and celebrate those firms that have made bold strides in winning and maintaining business. The winning firms have shown excellence in service and an unflinching determination to adapt to a fluctuating market.

Throughout the research process many clients noted that firms have delivered results and in many cases far exceeded expectations. This vote of confidence will no doubt be a welcome 'shot in the arm' for financial and legal firms across the globe.

As ever our research process was conducted over several months, eliciting feedback from clients and firms to reach our definitive list of winners. On behalf of the entire team at Finance Monthly I would like to thank all those that took part and congratulate all the winners on their achievement. I wish them every success in the coming year.

Mark Palmer Editor-in-chief

Finance Monthly GLOBAL AWARDS 2013

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2013 -